The league season will start on w/c 11/10 and the draft fixtures have been issued. The team captains have been sent fixtures and should advise all of the the dates as soon as possible.

We will have 5 teams in the BDCL (Bournemouth & District Chess  League) including the Bacchus League. It is intended to have another 2 teams in the Dorset League which will start at the end of October or early November.

Our Teams are:

A team – Martin M/Mike D/Chip (C)/Martin O’Neill/ John W

B team – Sergiu/Richie/David F (C)/Dragi

C team – Simon F/Tim Joyce/Adam/Tarik (C)/Mike R

D team –  Kzyzrstof/Joe (C)Mike Minvalla/David Burt/Tony Sanderson / Eric (floating reserve)

Bacchus League – Juniors of Zander/Leo/Harry/Steve Bailey/Paul Trowbridge/ Mike Gott/ (Eric (C).

Once the draft fixtures have been finalised they will be downloaded into www.ecf/ which gives all statistics and we encourage all our players to look at to keep informed for your everything relating to the BDCL local chess.


I am delighted to report we have 33 members for the season including 3 Juniors and 8 new players that have joined since the previous seasons of 19/20. 3 long serving previous members have not re- joined, Simon Patterson, Christine Roberts and Chris Ambrose.

There are 3 new league players – Martin O’Neill/ Tim Joyce and Tony Sanderson and we also welcome new members Michael Gott/Ben Sloyan/Arabella Redford/ Kane Lean and Arkadiusz Zemba.

We have received 99% of all subs for the season so a big thank you to all our members in making a great effort to get this done and a gentle reminder for the one or two that still need to confirm membership this week by paying their subs and completing both the North Rd social form and the British Legion registration forms.

There are 3/4/5 members that have paid but have not completed the membership forms and I would like to request those members  to do so this week as the BL secretary will not issue membership forms and the new fobs to gain entry to the bar and club until these have been received.

We are almost there, and next week I will register all members that require Bronze memberships to the ECF. Any members that are registering both Gold/Silver ones need to do so by the w/c 11/10 prior to playing games as we will be charged board fees by the ECF.


The club have agreed to fund the 1st year fees of £60 for the 21/22 season for our team of POOLE. This is a step up from local and county leagues and we should all be very pleased that John Weatherlake has started the initiative and I believe we will be one of the 1st individual clubs to play from Dorset.

We need a minimum of 6 players plus at least 2/3 reserves for each match, details are below.

John has 4 probable players but we need more, details are below:

Div 3 South : MK – 20th-21st Nov.

Round two’s not until next year, so I’m looking to field a nice strong team for round one.

A – Keen (Available and well up for it)

B – Happy to Play (Will be available but would maybe rather be a ‘sub’)

C – Will Play if Desperate (Will try and keep date free but something good on telly might take priority).

D – Can’t make this round.

Full fixture list is below and of course further information is available at

Please contact John for information relating 4NCL.



Our 1st week back at Flirt last week was successful, enjoyable and really nice to see about 10-12 players from Bournemouth/Southbourne and our own Graham and Richie plus one/two locals from yesteryear. This, after 18 months of inactivity of social and over the board chess in the cafes and I am sure it will encourage other to come along.

We start at 2.30pm and finish at 5pm and it would be great to see any Poole players or chess colleagues there during the afternoon.



We have booked the  Xmas party at the Elstead Hotel for Thursday 16/12 so please make a diary date and try and come along and support this if possible. I will send out details of £ and menus nearer the time but it will be in the same region as before probably £25 per head to include a 4 course Xmas dinner.  Mike Jay has accepted an invitation to be our special guest and I am sure several members would like to come along and wish him well in his admin chess retirement.


Our weekly sessions continue at the Elstead hotel every Saturday morning and I am really pleased we are averaging around 20-25 in the two rooms and two sessions between 10am and 12.30pm.

You will have already seen and/or played against Zander/Leo and Harry and its really encouraging to see these kids playing such a good standard of chess so early on. There are others that can reach this standard but chess is for all standards and we encourage all juniors to come along to learn and play chess.

We could with some more support from club members. Graham and Steve are committed supporters as is Paul Errington from Bournemouth club. Both John and Simon have come along periodically to help  on the demonstration board but we need a little more help if you are at all available.

Let me know if you can assist even for one of the two sessions and refreshments are always available after.






September 27, 2021