Club News

Highlights from our team’s results from last week.

Monday 25/4

Division 1 – Highcliffe A – 0.5/3.5 Poole A – a very pleasing result on the night when our team of John/Mike/Chip and Martin restored some pride to beat the Div 1 league winners Highclife in our final game of the season. Congratulations to Highcliffe winning the league for the 1st time and always good to see new Champions.

Tuesday 26/4

Division 2 – Bournemouth A – 2/2 Poole B – well done to the team of Richie/David/Dragi and Adam who played a hard fought draw to take our B team close to winning the 2nd Division. (see David’s report).

Thursday 28/4

In our inaugural night in the Hall at the Centenary we had 3 matches going with 28 boards – is this a record for an ordinary local club night.

Handicap Rd 1 – Poole vs Dorchester – we were top heavy in terms of grading and needed to get to 4/6 score to win the match and go through to the next round, quite a tall order.

It was close and there were several nervy faces as the evening went on but  overall we did very well to get to the match result of 4.5/1.5.  Well played to the team of Mike/John/Richie/David/Dragi and Martin.  (see David’s report for details).

Division 3 – Poole C – 3/1- Southbourne C

A comfortable night for our C team who need a draw from the last match of the season against Highcliffe to win this league. Team of Andy/Tim/Simon/Zander – (see Tarik’s detailed report).

Division 4 – Poole D – 2/2 – Wimborne D

An honourable draw on the night and with 2 matches left our D team have a chance of catching the league leaders Highcliffe C. Should be an interesting finish. Team of Eric/Krzystof/Mike and Joe on the night. (see Joe’s report for details).

See LMS for matches this week – Poole D at Wimborne on 4/5 and Poole B at home on the 5/5 (home).


Minor – FINAL this Thursday 5/5 when Tony is playing Zander and congratulations in reaching the Final in both your 1st year at the club.

Intermediate – Andy vs Krzystof due w/c 23/5 – again, congratulations both in reaching the Final.

Major  – Chip and Martin O’Neill have won their 1st round matches – we are waiting to see if the other competitors wish to continue.


It will be sad to see the departure of Adam who is leaving the area on the 21/5 to pastures new in Sheffield. Adam initially came to  Flirt cafe back in the heady days and has worked his way through the leagues to reach an excellent standard playing in Division 2.  I am sure you will share with me in wishing him well and good luck for the future. Thanks for your support to Poole CC Adam.

Krzystof is temporarily going back to Poland in May and returning back here in Bournemouth until September/October when he will leave for good to go home to Gdansk. Similar to Adam we met in Flirt cafe and he has been at the club supporting us for a number of years. He will be around in the summer so just advance notice of his plans.

Richie is moving to Sherbourne in early May and we are hoping he can come back to the club to support us when possible. Richie again started at Flirt cafe and then joined the club. His progress through the leagues has been remarkable and is now a very strong player with his grade improving all the time. He is part of our (John’s) 4NCL team and I am sure he will continue to play chess whenever he can. Its not quite cheerio, but its important to mark his change in circumstances.

Other member news is that Christine Roberts has left the area to move to Kent and Chris Ambrose is around and plans to return sometime in the future when he feels ready. Simon Paterson came to the club in November and hopefully will come along to our new venue some time in the future. In the meantime he is very active at home and enjoys playing croquet.

That’s all from me.





May 1, 2022