Bournemouth Vs Poole in a MIni 2 Towns match a great success

Last night we played the 2nd leg of the Bournemouth Vs Poole match at our club and the result finished Poole 5.5/3.5 Bournemouth with the overall result over the 2 legs being Poole 13-5 Bournemouth. However under the agreed handicap as Bournemouth were heavily out graded, Poole needed to reach 14 points and Bournemouth 4. So well done to our chess colleagues from Bournemouth in winning the inaugural event.

The event over both nights was played in the right spirit, competitive, friendly, and great to see a room full of chess players returning to the boards in one place.

This was a  non graded event played on a time control of 1 hour each just to introduce over the board chess for both clubs a pre league season friendly.

I would like to thank all Poole players – 14 in total for playing, competing and making the two evenings a success.

Namely, Mike, Sergiu, Martin, John, Dragi, Richie, Mike Rutter, Tarik, Adam,  Simon Fox, Tim Joyce, Tony Sanderson, David Burt, Kzyrzstoff and Joe Wood.

The trophy which Bournemouth will retain until next year is only of course on loan until the next time.

We look forward to the return of the overall 2 Towns match next year when all club can compete in one area.



September 17, 2021