Boris Closes Us Down Again

As we all expected the formal lockdown was announced which will close the club and all hospitality down until at least the 2nd December.

This is a shame as our Friday nights were building up and last week we had 9 club members playing OTB chess on  three separate tables. Not only for the chess, it was so nice to see friends and members there after such a long lay off. I am sure those that came, enjoyed it and we can continue some time in the future.

On the positive side there is lots and lots of opportunities to play online chess. I have been asked if we can resume our Thursday sessions on lichess – just a 5+3 time control starting at 7.30pm each week. We are all registered so if there is an interest can you let me know (by text) or otherwise and we will set something up. There is the fortnightly team battle (next one due next Monday 9/11),  you can join in if you wish and play for the team. I think we have won it, 3 or 4 times but have very strong opposition from other clubs and Southbourne in particular. It is a good chance to play players with high grades and who knows, maybe learn a thing or two for us lesser mortals! Also the chance to beat a top graded player, there is no pressure, its just fun and any points you can score help the team.

Please keep in touch and I hope you all stay sane and safe over the next month or so!

November 4, 2020