BDCL1 – Poole A vs Wimborne A

(Report by JohnW)

A high calibre encounter took place between Poole and Wimborne at the Centenary Club last night, where Nick’s very enterprising play on 2 proving the difference, with draws everywhere else.

Statisticians appear to have lost track of the number of encounters between Mike and Allan on 1, with this one ending in a draw.

I gave the home fans something to get nervous about on 4. It appeared I may have overstretched trying to squeeze the slightest of advantages. However, my silicon friend confirms we had been at 0.00 for a while when a draw was agreed. (Funny how it never felt like that).

This draw enabled Mike to agree a draw with Ian in a N+4 and N+3 which appeared to be going nowhere but at least it meant they could catch last orders.

As always, a pleasure to welcome Wimborne down the club and great to catch up with everyone.

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John W

David Fuller
November 15, 2022