A team on the march with good win at Ringwood – 3.5 vs 0.5

An excellent team performance matched by the grade differential at Ringwood on Monday night at the White Hart saloon in the country,

With the return of Martin Machatek after nearly 3 years (welcome back) and a full strength team turn out this was a solid performance by all with all scoring during the evening.

The writer is reporting when all games were in full flow and starting with David on Board 3 against Peter Donaldson it looked very even with the board cluttered with pieces and blocked squares so no movement and little scope for either so the game was cordially agreed a draw.

On board 1 Martin playing Martin Clancy had positional and strategic advantage and once the Queens were swapped off Martin M opened up the K side when his opponent thought he had a little possibility on the C file and all was done. Good and comfortable win for Martin M in this welcome return.

So 1.5/0,5 at this stage and the conclusion of Board 2 was next to come to the fore with Oscar heavily out grading his opponent Neil Woodger. The game was quite even until Oscar took control of the centre with his Q sitting pretty htting at G2 square for checkmate supported by the long bishop. He capitalised on this by giving up a piece for 2 pawns and then drove on. His opponent succumbed to the pressure and returned the piece in error and all was lost. Anther comfortable and good win although Oscar was a little unhappy after as he missed a line to win earlier.

So 2.5/0.5 with the match won Chip playing on Board 4 against Rob Davenport with another 30 plus grading differential had an exchange advantage but poor development. It looked from the position Rob had a clear positional advantage however he did not find a positive winning strategy and was forced back to an equal or adverse position and then went down quite quickly. Well done Chip who reported afterwards he was struggling with a little hangover from the day before.

So it finished 3.5/0.5 which reflect the grade advantage to Poole but well done Ringwood for fighting very hard under difficult circumstances and always when Ringwood play all matches are played in the right spirit and in an enjoyable atmosphere.
Thanks again Ringwood for your hospitality.

This win send our A team into 2nd place and are starting to chase down the leaders in the forthcoming months. Congratulations to all our players.

January 11, 2017