A reminder for the Chess Clinic to be held at the club on the 8/8

Just to remind all club members John Weatherlake and Mike Duggan have kindly agreed to present an evening of chess tactics at the club.

We all know chess is infinite and there is always scope for reviewing our moves, games, style of openings, transformation from openings to middle games, end games, pawn structures, and so many other aspects of chess.

So this is a good opportunity to come along and see what John and Mike can help us with and enjoy an evening of inter action and assistance with our chess.

I have left the specific agenda to better players than myself so I hope you will come along and support the evening . The plan is start at 7,30pm and finish by around 9pm. If the evening is successful it could be the start of a number of training clinics we could arrange for the future.

See you next Thursday,

August 2, 2019