6/10/17 – Southborne E 3 Poole F 1

In the 2nd match for Poole F we went down 3-1 having played well in the match for a good part of the evening .

P.Sandy (Bd 1) 1 D.Hewson 0 – game was even but Don lost on time
Ken Dixon (Bd 2) 1 M.Austin 0 – Matt had a good opening and middle game but missed a mating chance and went down
M.Buse (Bd 3) 1 S.Bailey 0 – Steve had a strong attack against stiff defence and ended up losing a bishop and the game
N.Purry (Bd 4) 0 P.Trowbridge 1 – Paul had a good game and went two pieces up to go and win the game, well done.

Being the feeder league its good to give less experienced the opportunity to playing league chess mixing the team together with more mature experienced players.
Onwards and Upwards.

October 10, 2017