23Jan20: PooleB v Ringwood

Indeed an exciting evening of chess as Martin relates: long and with a series of plot twists.

For a few seasons now, Chip has continued to demonstrate his resiliant attitude on Board 1 in the BDCL League 1 and so it was a surprise to me when Peter’s cheapo stole a piece in the early middle game.

Similarly, Sergiu has a longstanding habit of arriving just a little late and then playing good moves quickly. I saw nothing more of this game as I was trying to break the habit of a lifetime and stay seated and focussed on my game. I will defer to Martin’s comments for more detailed context, but bad luck Niall.

When spectators are finally allowed to watch these league matches (perspex screens though, please…) the crowd will, I predict, make a bee-line for Toby’s games… never a dull moment… rarely a tame position. Unfortunately for Poole, Martin took the point after ‘some adventures’, as they say.

On a personal level, my game had developed nicely for White, following a dubious opening sequence by Graham (he said!). The theme of the game really was me not finding the right plan to close out while we were both pretty much on increments for the last forty moves or so. Still on the up side, I have more material for my forthcoming blockbuster read ‘How to Draw Won Endgames, Vol 6’… It’s going to be great, it will be ready for Christmas, order now!

And so Ringwood pinch the points in this critical game. Well played.


Full Report: https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/comment/4237#comment-4237

David Fuller
January 27, 2020