19Sep19: Poole B v Southbourne A

So to the start of a new season and, on a personal note, a strengthened Poole A squad has allowed me to take up my old spot next to Chip, arguing who is the better player and therefore who should be on Board 1. Ah, just like the old days. On a broader level, this season looks tough for Poole B as there are no other ‘B-Teams’ and all clubs seem to also have strengthened squads.

First up is a home game to Southbourne. Chip, myself, Toby, Dragi (I suggest that Chip is better on this occasion and therefore he will be Black. Ha) see Martin, Russell, James and Jon opposite us. A few clock problems delay the start then off we go.

B4: Dragi (W) playing as quickly as ever against Jon. The position looked even from start to when a draw was agreed, widely viewed as a fair result.

B1: Chip (B) gets a passive position against Martin (some might say that this is Chip’s modus operandi, but you won’t catch me saying that) and a long draw out affair looks on the cards.

B3: Toby (B) against James (who is off to Lancaster Uni next week; good luck! Take your time coming back 😉) sees one of Toby’s favourite Stonewall Dutchs. Things look about even, as you would expect.

B2: Myself (W) against Russell and I am quickly uncomfortable, although even, in a position that I don’t really understand after an early queen exchange on move five. Nevertheless the position slowly develops to a key position where (the computer now confirms) I can take a variation which gives me +1.20, or another which, well, doesn’t. I am annoyed that I didn’t spot the nuance in the good variation but that is chess. Russell doesn’t provide any more opportunities for me to equalise and he takes the point an hour later. Well played.

Soon after Toby has to concede to James after a small inaccuracy (said James) after a well contested game. This only leaves Chip torturing poor old Martin, making him work hard for the point which he looked to deserve.

As reported elsewhere, the score line probably flattered Southbourne slightly, but the win was fully deserved.

But don’t despair Poole B fans – we have a great record against Poole A!


David Fuller
September 20, 2019