Summer Competition

On Thursday 13th June, the draw was made, at the club, for the Summer Competition. We have 20 participants that are in five groups of four. The ratings that are being used are the ones that were given at the start of the 2018-19 season. The results of these games will have no effect on the official ratings as this is a fun, informal tournament. The reason ratings are used is to decide how long each player will have in a game that lasts a maximum of two hours. The lower the rating, the longer the time given against the opponent (see the table under the names). All players in the group will play each other once. After the group-stage, the winner of each group, as well as the three best scores in second place, will qualify for the quarter finals. The draw for the quarter finals will take place when all the group-stage games have been played. The deadline for the group games to be completed is the end of July. It is hoped that the tournament will be completed by the end of August.

Group A
Krzystoff 114
Graham 87
Christine 108
Chris A 102

Group B
Simon P 136
Dragi 146
Tony 103
David F 164

Group C
Alan 117
Ciprian 168
John 175
Steve 69

Group D
Tarik 132
Sergio 159
Eric 138
Paul 75

Group E
Richie 137
Mike D 192
Mike M 110 (estimated)
Joe 100 (estimated)

Due to needing an even number of competitors, we have a reserve player – Adam 122 – who will join in in case any other players drop out.

Grading Difference    Time Split A       Time Split B                  
0-4                                         60                             60
5-9                                         54                              66
10-15                                     48                              72
16-22                                     42                              78
23-30                                    36                              84
31-40                                     30                             90
41-55                                     24                              96
56-74                                    18                              102
75-99                                    12                              108
100 or more                         9                               111

Individual Tournament

The 2019 Individual Tournament is now under-way with 8 people in the major category, 8 people in the intermediate category and 8 in the minor. This annual tournament is competing for 3 trophies, which will be presented at the AGM, and is split based on grade.  The draw was done on Thursday 24th January, at the club.


  1. John vs David
  2. Toby vs Dragi
  3. Eric vs Chip
  4. Joergen vs Mike

Winner 1 vs Winner 3

Winner 2 vs Winner 4



  1. Adam vs Richie
  2. Alan vs Stephen C
  3. Mike R vs Tarik
  4. Simon P vs Simon F

Winner 1 vs Winner 3

Winner 2 vs Winner 4



  1. Tony vs Steve B
  2. Seth vs Krzystof
  3. Chris A vs Graham
  4. Paul T vs Christine

Winner 1 vs Winner 3

Winner 2 vs Winner 4



The first game needs to be played by the 15th March.  Semi-finals need to be played by the end of April and the finals should be played by middle of June.

It is the players’ responsibility to arrange the games at a time convenient to both competitors.

The results need to be reported to Chip or Eric, once the game has ended.

Each game will begin with a coin toss to decide who plays with the white pieces and who plays with the black.

The games follow the same format/timings as in the division 2, 3 & 4 leagues – 75 minutes duration(plus 15 minutes if 35 moves have been completed).

If the game ends in a draw, a re-match should be played with 30 minutes each on the clock.

The results from the games will be recorded by the ECF, so will be taken into consideration when the ratings are updated.

Good luck to everyone involved!






1 Oscar Garcia 1-0 David Fuller
2 Toby Miller 1-0 Dragi Popovic
3 Sergiu Calauz 0-1 Mike Duggan
4 John Weatherlake 0-1 Ciprian Stanciu
5 Oscar Garcia 0-1 Mike Duggan
6 Toby Miller 0-1 Ciprian Stanciu
7 Mike Duggan 1-0 Ciprian Stanciu
1 Mike Rutter 1-0 David Burt
2 Stephen Chappell 0-1 Jorgen Neilson
3 Tarik Reghif 0-1 Eric Sachs
4 Simon Paterson 0-1 Simon Fox
5 Jorgen Neilson 1-0 Simon Fox
6 Eric Sachs 1-0 Mike Rutter
7 Jorgen Neilson 0-1 Eric Sachs
1 Derek Chapman 0-1 Richard Smith
2 Seth Rider 1-0 Paul Trowbridge
3 Chris Ambrose 0-1 Tony Pritchard
4 Graham Morris 0-1 Cieran Southey
5 Tim Mc Cullagh 0-1 Adam Jaggard
6 David Lockwood 1-0 Don Hewson
7 Christine Roberts 1-0 Steve Bailey
8 Krystoff Itrich 1-0 Matt Austin
9 Richard Smith 1-0 Tony Pritchard
10 Seth Rider 1-0 Cieran Southey
11 Adam Jaggard 1-0 Christine Roberts
12 David Lockwood 1-0 Kyrstoff Itrich
13 Adam Jaggard 0-1 Richard Smith
14 David Lockwood 1-0 Seth Rider
15 Richard Smith 1-0 David Lockwood