Poole F win 2.5/1.5 at Purbeck in Division 5 – 12/3/18

Another fine win by the F team to continue their fine run with 3/3 in 2018.

Individual results were:

Bd 1 – Richard Quinn 0 -1 Kyryzstoff Itrich

Bd 2 – Paul  Stanley 0.5 -0.5 David Lockwood

Bd 3 – Chris Frost 0.5-0.5 Matt Ausin

Bd 4 – Brian Beard 0.5-0.5 Paul Trowbridge

So in a close match Kyryzstoff ‘s win was the key win on Bd 1 and draws by all players ensured the overall victory and continued the winning streak in 2018.

Thanks to Paul Trowbridge for being the evening’s driver and  to the Purbeck club  for hosting the match.

Eric Sachs
March 13, 2018

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