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Final Dorset League Match of the Season vs Bridport - 18/5/17
Poole 4 - 0 Bridport - a resounding win in our Final match of the season to cap off an excellent season winning Division 2 in grand style. Success breeds success and with no one looking over our shoulders this was another enjoyable evening for Poole.

Richie playing on Board 4 making his debut in his first season had a smashing game. He won a piece early on, getting control of the centre of the board with bishops casting a dark shadow over his opponent's King. His strong pieces managed to break through and seal the win in with ease, superb.
His opponent out graded him by 30 points!

David (Board 1) playing W. Adaway (168) was looking and feeling tired found some energy on the board by breaking through on the King side sacrificing his Queen and mating his opponent in grand fashion. This was a superb classic mate and shows what can be done with creativity and confidence. Well done David, is this Division 2 I ask myself?

So 2 up and coasting, would Hiru (Board 3) and Sergiu (Board 2) take a draw to conclude the victory... not a chance, they were hungry and their reward was not far off so the games carried on.

Hiru had control of the centre with Q & R conducting the orchestra and Paul Brackner not only succumbed to this pressure , he ran out of time! Shame but he was fighting a lost cause over the board also.

Sergiu (160) had a tough opponent in T. Lundin (156) and in a tense and exciting rook and pawn endgame managed to break through on the Q side to collect this well deserved win. It was so nice to see his opponent congratulate him with huge respect in this very tough win.

So 4-0 and well done to David,Sergiu, Hiru in his last match at Poole and especially to our up and coming Richie. It was nice to see Bridport supported by Malcolm Steevens the club captain and thanks to Bridport coming over to play the game in the a convivial spirit.

Take a well deserved rest now Poole, and look forward to next season.

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2017 Club Championship - Current Status

SANDU playing CHIP in the semi-final to earn the right to play TOBY in the final.


SIMON FOX playing SIMON PATERSON in their 2nd match to earn the right to play TARIK in the final.


Winner - ADAM who beat RICHIE in the final - congratulations to Adam in his first club competition triumph.

Matches to be completed by the end of May if possible.

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Division 2 - Poole B beat Bournemouth A to clinch the 2nd Division.
In a grandstand atmosphere of clicking pieces and deadly silence our B Team clinched the Division 2 title with a 2 1/5 to 1 1/5 victory.
I need to mention the build up which has been ongoing for some months when both Poole and Bournemouth managed to win home and away against all opposition to cancel out all other candidate teams. So it came down to Poole needing a draw and Bournemouth a win to take the title, this at the theatre of dreams for the home team. Poole had already won 2 trophies in the previous seven days and were going for the treble... could this really be possible?

It was clear Bournemouth would primarily want to win the top boards and close out draws further down the team.

So in order of matches completed Board 3 where Sandu (149) was playing Paul Jackson (138) and in this game which seemed quite closed both players agreed the draw fairly early on. Poole only then needed 1.5 from the 3 remaining games.
Meanwhile on Board 4 Dragi (151) playing Phil Sorenson ( 132) managed to get a pawn advantage, move it down the board with King and knight supporting and went on to force the win in quite comfortable fashion. So the score was 1 1.5/0.5 and requiring just half a point to secure the overall draw.
This continued and on board 2, Hiru (149) was playing Tim Lines (172) making a welcome return after some time had an even position and again after much analysis Tim reluctantly agreed a draw. This was effective victory for Poole having reached the target of 2 points and the title.
So you would have thought both players on the top board would have wanted a comfortable ending, not a bit. This game was about pride so Michael Duggan (180) gave everything he had against Chip ( 163) - the Petrosian of Poole chess club who defended with all he had. Michael threw hammer after hammer against his opponent but Chip stood strong despite being under huge pressure with the clock ticking down at a faster rate than normal for both players. There was an audience of about 15 players and you could have heard a pin drop with the will of both players evident. Eventually after Michael may have missed a win the fair hand of the players came out and a draw was agreed.

Match score 2.5/1.5. This was a superb match with all players giving all in good and lively atmosphere and the right spirit.

The Bournemouth team were very disappointed in losing but a great effort was made and credit must be given to them. I am sure they will be back.

For Poole - especially well done to Chip (captain fantastic) and Dragi (the executioner) A special mention should be made to Hiru and Sandu who started at the club three years ago and started in the C team and have both become a backbone of the B team, making their final appearance before returning home to complete their studies. Also, thanks to Toby and Sergiu who both contributed to the success of the team. It was also great to have the support of many club members who turned out on the evening, in this, a memorable night for the club.

So this completed the treble of trophies for the club which may be one of the best seasons recorded the future looks encouraging.

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Dorset League - Weymouth 1 - 3 Poole
After a missed train and a quick detour, a band of brigands descended on Weymouth, intent in inflicting decimation upon pawn structures and chasing Kings across 64 squares of pain.

Soon after arriving to the relaxed friendly bar, hostile intentions were clearly forgotten and 4 games of chess soon began. Oscar on board 1, Toby on board 2, Tarik on board 3 and Simon P on board 4.

After 6 moves the King on board 3 was flooded. Actually flooded. A drink creating a puddle for all the pieces to paddle into battle. After a brief drying up break the game resumed and the young opponent Arthur was well positioned with control over most of the board.

Board 4 was Simon looking slightly better with a fairly even position but maybe a slightly advantageous pawn structure.

Board 1 had Oscar's Queen on h6 blowing raspberries at the black castled King. Black's bishop took the pawn on a2 and looked quite lost after b3.

Board 2 had Toby with black past pawn on a4 with pieces behind to back it up. Toby claims that the Pawn could be thwarted with correct play, but we don't allow that sort of concession so expect Toby to convert it!

The games started to finish one by one.

First to finish was Simon on board 4 with his fairly even position declared even resulting in splitting the points evenly. A draw – 0.5-0.5

Next Tarik was in an extremely dicey position with Black 3 pawns up and applying lots of pressure after some very accurate play. A confrontational Rook was able to pick off a loose pawn and then a blunder allowed a free Rook courtesy of a fork. This fatal blunder turned a certain win for Weymouth into a win for Poole allowing the lead to be taken. This turn of events was so unbelievable given the earlier position which was lost beyond all hope that when Toby was still playing and presented with match card assumed it was the wrong way round. A win – Poole 1.5-0.5 Weymouth.

Oscar had by this point managed to snap up the Bishop but his opponent was mounting quite an attack on a pinned Rook and a King wandering around the middle of the board, the time control was reached with Oscar trying again to cause everyone heart problems by having only a minute or two left until the extra 15 minutes was added. The pressure evened out the material advantage and a draw was agreed. A draw – Poole 2-1 Weymouth

At this stage the match was drawn in worst case, and any positive result from Toby would win the match.

In a materially even position Toby had his pawn bearing down on a1 with Rook behind and Bishop supporting while White had a slightly longer shot passed pawn to try and get some counter play. Soon the pawn was able to provide enough problems that it was traded for the Rook giving Toby a firm advantage, but still some work to do to convert it to a win, however it was unlikely the game was going to be lost when Toby was a Rook up, a couple of Pawns down and time advantage. Sure enough he was able to pick off his opponent's Pawns until there was nothing left and the win was sealed. A win – Poole 3-1 Weymouth.

The overriding emotion was disbelief as at least 3 of the team were of the opinion they didn't play too well but managed to sneak positive results, and elation as the maths was done and the win sealed the league victory! Poole are now Dorset League Division Two Champions!

Well done and thank you to all who have played or supported the Dorset League team in any way.

Also thank you to Weymouth who were welcoming, gracious hosts. Looking forward to meeting again next season.
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BDCL Handicap KO Final: Poole vs Purbeck
And so after battling through round after round (two!) of KO action the all conquering Poole Team found itself playing the final against the auld enemy, Purbeck. Home advantage at 'The Theatre of Dreams' put us in a good mood (well, no need to schlepp bloody miles over to the Isle of Purbeck for a start, and I am not sure six games could fit in their clubroom). Captain Chip had spent many hours poring over potential line-ups and to everyone's relief decided on a 6-0-0, which was handy. Oscar up front; your amiable correspondent on B2; B3/4 were Hiru and Sandu, one way round or the other; a relaxed Chris Ambrose on B5; and Seth Ryder on B6 with a grading of 77 (a word with the grading secretary please!).

With the usual 'Are Hiru and Sandu on their way?' and 'Why didn't they ask David for a lift?' discussions dispensed with, we welcomed our opposition. Calculators were produced and after some head-scratching it was confirmed that the handicap mechanism required that Poole would need to win 3.5-2.5 to lift the trophy; a 3-3 draw would be a victory for Purbeck. The unfeasibly amiable Steve Peirson lead the Purbeck team to the playing arena, sitting down opposite Oscar. I am sure that I heard Steve mutter 'Theatre of Dreams, my arse' under his breath, followed by 'Stadium of Sh1te more like'... I might have misheard, but I felt sure that we had the psychological advantage already!

So the clocks were started. You could almost grab bits of tension and chew it. So much so that Chip and a few others moved into the next room. It seems that recent B-Team events whereby Toby closed the deciding game of a critical match with checkmate with two seconds left on his clock had left Chip somewhat lacking the stomach for further stress. I suspected he might only be happy if we knocked a couple of early goals in.

Well would you believe it, my game B2-W against the somewhat amiable Colin Grant started in excellent fashion. My standard Grand Prix Attack progressed in an ideal manner until Colin fell into a trap of sorts, his seemingly correct 9...exf5 (gxf5 is best) putting his position into a critical state. A few moves later White was winning a piece and then Black's Queen to avoid mate. Black resigned after move 14, my shortest game I think. I only did it to help Chip.

Down on B6-W, Seth tweaked the nipple of his 77 grading by demolishing P. Stanley (amiability rating undetermined Tim. I didn't speak to him). If Black brings his Queen's Bishop out to f5 against d4/d5 then trouble can occur on Black's queenside; and this is what happened. A nice double check won the Queen, more pieces fell and his opponent resigned about 18 pawns down. Two-nil and not even half time!

Hiru B3-B had equalised against J. Coles and asked Chip whether he should accept a draw offer from his opponent. A draw was agreed and both sides seemed rightly content.

All this while, Oscar B1-B had negotiated what looked like a sharp opening and had a position with opportunities for both sides. More later...

Chris B5-B vs R Quin was a positional affair and unfortunately for Chris his opponent gradually improved his position to a point whereby he could exchange down to a routinely winning RvB (with pawns) ending.

Sandu's game (B4-W) had looked very interesting throughout, with opportunities for both sides. At least a draw from Sandu was required at this point, with Oscar's game looking positive but by no means winning. I felt at one stage that there might be some clever tactics involving a Nf6 sac with a mating net, but that may have been the adrenaline talking. Lots of exchanges suddenly took place with Sandu, unusually, short of time. The resulting double rook ending, though awkward looking for Sandu, soon resulted in another draw offer accepted. Three-two with only a draw required from B1. Exciting.

As Martin Simons has already confirmed in his punctual but less amiably-punctuated report, a crowd gathered around the top board. Two furrowed brows stared down at the board, and that was just Colin. I have to say, in all seriousness, that at this point neither Oscar or Steve had moved (as far as I could tell) from their board the whole game. This demonstrates the professional manner and levels of concentration from both parties during play; a lesson for me there if nothing else.

Chip looked across anxiously from his viewpoint in front of the clocks and held up three fingers. I believe that he was suggesting that Oscar only had three minutes left, but it could quite possibly have been a call for a quick stiffener to calm the nerves. Steve, with five minutes left, to his credit kept pushing for the required win. Suddenly it became clear that Oscar had everything under control and a forced sequence was executed to pick up a pawn and swap everything off to a trivially won King and Pawns ending. Two minutes left would have been plenty of time to finish off, but Steve knew this and conceded. One thing about Steve - you cant tell whether he has just won or lost after a game - another lesson for us all. A great game to decide the match. Four-Two at full time. Poole retain the trophy.

I was so excited that when we went down to the bar I bought a round of drinks, and the barman! Now THAT doesn't happen very often.

From a personal point of view, I very much enjoyed the six-game set-up of the match. Much less dependency on individual results. I wonder if we should consider this as a suggestion for a future AGM. Additionally, I have to again say that, despite there being this year a couple of niggly moments over the board in matches, this final was played in the most agreeable manner and was a pleasure in which to participate. Some of that feeling might be because Poole won, but most of it wasn't.

Chip went off for a lie down... (don't mention the upcoming B-Team match vs Bournemouth)

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