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P. Sorensen vs J. BelingPurbeck A vs PoolePurbeck A vs Poole1-0
Sorensen, Phillip vs Woodger, NiallPoole A v Ringwood AClub members may find my game interesting as I did not make any obvious mistakes apart perhaps for settling for the win of the exchange on move 24. Perhaps I should have kept my passed e pawn for later use.1/2-1/2
Bowley, John vs Sorensen, PhillipWimborne A vs Poole AQueens Indian against Wimborne A1/2-1/2
Unknown vs Roberts, ChrisFriendlyI thought (some of) you might like to see this online game I had with a player rated 1724. He was white.0-1
Gizgbicki vs BD&CL????.??.??Southbourne B - Poole
P. Sorensen vs M. BondNew Milton A Vs Poole AA good response to the Birds gets white in a tangle1/2-1/2
P. Sorensen vs N. WoodserBournemouth & District League Division 2 Vs Ringwood BMy game was a Bird's Opening as follows and I always held the advantage after black's obviously bad 7th move (where he moves his knight a second time and puts it on a hopeless square) even though I erroneously throught I had trapped black's queen after black's 19th move Qxa1. Fortunately for me, my sacrifice of the exchange for the wrong reason worked out well because the resultant pressure I obtained was too great for black.1-0
C. Roberts vs C. KenwardFriendly online game in a continuing series of games between these two playersThis game was a friendly, online game (SoundChess) between Chris Roberts (Poole Chess Club) and Chris Kenward (Salisbury Chess Club). It was a good result for C Roberts, as her opponent has a rating (122) far above her own.1-0
T. Reghif vs A. PrimettTwo TownsA good advantage leads to a win with black resigning without noticing the huge blunder!1-0
I. Underwood vs P. SorensenTwo TownsA good victory for Phillip Sorensen in the Two Towns Match0-1
F. H. Taylor vs T. ReghifBournemouth LeagueA fast opening full of exchanges leaves white on the back foot0-1
Pillsbury vs Tarasch?A classic game from 18951-0
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