Bacchus League

Fixtures for Poole Teams in the Bacchus League

Poole Bishops, managed by Eric, aims to give opportunities to Poole Grammar students with lead player Steve Bailey.

Home Team                 Away Team        Date                           Time         Result 

Poole Bishops       V     Wimborne         Thu 4th Oct 2018                            2  –  2

Poole Bishops       V     Bournemouth    Thu 15th Nov 2018                        2  –  2

Poole Bishops       V     Highcliffe           Thu 6th Dec 2018                          3  –  1

Poole Knights      V     Poole Bishops    Thu 17th Jan 2019     19:30

Poole Bishops      V     Poole Knights    Thu 14th Feb 2019     19:30

Highcliffe             V     Poole Bishops     Mon 11th Mar 2019   19:30

Bournemouth     V     Poole Bishops     Tue 9th Apr 2019     19:15

Wimborne           V     Poole Bishops     Wed 8th May 2019    19:30


Poole Knights team, run by Tarik, aims to give opportunities to Lytchett Minster students with lead player Graham Morris.

Home Team                 Away Team          Date                            Time           Result   

Highcliffe             V       Poole Knights     Mon 15th Oct 2018                             2  –  2

Poole Knights     V        Wimborne         Thu 22nd Nov 2018                            2 1/2 – 1 1/2

Bournemouth     V     Poole Knights       Tue 11th Dec 2018                              3  –  1

Poole Knights     V    Poole Bishops        Thu 17th Jan 2019        19:30

Poole Bishops     V     Poole Knights       Thu 14th Feb 2019        19:30

Poole Knights     V    Bournemouth        Thu 7th Mar 2019         19:30

Wimborne          V     Poole Knights        Wed 27th Mar 2019      19:30

Poole Knights    V     Highcliffe                Thu 9th May 2019        19:30

Team news and results will appear here during the season.