2020 Club Championship

The 1st round pairings for the Major section:-

Richard Allis   v   Mike Duggan      1 – 0

Richie                v   John                    0 – 1

Dragi                 v   Toby

Chip                  v   Dave Fuller

The 1st round pairings for the Intermediate section:-

Adam               v   Simon P

Simon F.          v    Krzysztof            0 – 1

Tarik                v    Eric

Mike R.            v    Tony P.                1 – 0

The 1st round pairings for the Minor section:-

Steve                 v     Graham                    0 – 1

Dave Burt         v     Mike Minvalla        0 – 1

Joe                     v     Jamie                        0 – 1

Chris A.            v    Christine                    0 – 1

The 2nd round pairings for the Minor section:-

Graham          v    Christine                    1 – 0

Jamie             v    Mike                            0 – 1

Final for the Minor section:-

Mike Minvalla         v       Graham Morris

The 1st round pairings for the Junior Section:-

Matthew Bailey        v    Dylan Kerry         0  –  1

Andre Bryan             v    Jonathan Nunn   1  –  0

Zack Little                 v    Josh Leggatt        0  –  1

Leonardo Camopy  v     Jack Bozic          1/2  –  1/2 rematch =  0  –  1

The 2nd round pairings for the Junior section:-

Jack Bozic              v      Josh  Leggatt

Dylan Kerry          v      Andre  Bryan


All rounds – toss of a coin or piece to decide black or white.
Games follow standard Bournemouth and District League Quick Play rules – 35 moves in 1:15,

extra 15 minutes for all remaining moves or, 1 hour on the clock with 30 sec increments.

We need a result on the night, in the event of a draw, one 10 minute RapidPlay game needs to be played, to create a winner/loser.
Both players have duty to arrange the game. If one player doesn’t turn up for a prearranged

game, he/she will automatically be knocked out of the competition.

The club is open both Tuesday and Thursday nights,

giving plenty of opportunities to to get your games played.

1st round by the 20th of February
2nd round by the end of March
3rd round by the end of April
All finals completed by the end of May 2020
Results of all games to Graham or Eric please.