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Est. 1999

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Welcome to Poole Chess Club

This is the official website of Poole Chess Club which is located at the British Legion Club, 66 North Road, BH14 0LY. Tel: 01202 744515.

Club Night

We meet every week of the year on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7.15pm for social and league games at the British Legion Club.

Poole Chess has a long history of league and competitive chess, and has a reputation as being a welcoming and friendly arena for all levels of chess players.
Currently we have recruited 4 new players for the 19/20 season. All chess players are welcome. We have encouraged Juniors to play at the club and 2 of our Bacchus league teams are used for devevelopment of junior and less experienced players.

We are truly international and currently have five teams in the local B & D Chess leagues and two teams in the Dorset League and two teams in the Bacchus league, an overall total of 9 teams.

Afternoon Casual Chess

We meet every Wednesday at 2.30pm at Flirt Café (underneath Bournemouth Library in the Triangle in Bournemouth) to play fun and casual chess. This is a lively environment and has been established for over eight years as a central cafe for chess players of all standards.

Junior Chess

We encourage Junior chess at the club and have several Juniors playing competitively it the Bacchus league and lower BD & C leagues.

Junior Chess at Bournemouth Library

An Independant Junior club operates weekly at Bournemouth Library every Saturday morning, two one hour sessions from 10 to 12 noon.
All juniors are welcome, from beginners upwards.
For further details look up the website:-

How to Join

Or for Further information about Poole Chess Club contact:-
Eric Sachs – Mobile – 07968 472596 or eric.sachs@btinternet.com
or Ciprian Stanciu Tel 07938 922679 or
Graham Morris  mobile 07913988386


Facebook :- Poole Chess Club

Wider Area Chess

Check our regional chess website for more information www.dorsetchess.co.uk.


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Recent news

Last Night’s Semi final – Result

December 4, 2019 by Eric Sachs

After some delay as both Graham & Dragi have had many league games they sat down for the right to play Mike Minvalla in this competition, some of called it the autumn or winter cup. In a tense game where both players gave all Dragi came out on top in one of his familiar end […]

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Carlsen v Aronian, Kolkata 2019

December 4, 2019 by Graham Morris

White to Play 1) a8=Q appears to win as, if the black rooks attempt perpetual check, the white king can run to c1. Why did Carlsen avoid this move and what did he play instead?

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Into the Xmas period and 3 matches this week

December 2, 2019 by Eric Sachs

After a successful week for the club last week when we managed 1 defeat in an inter club Bacchus league match, 1 draw for the D  team and wins for our Rooks, the E team and our Dorset League B team we go into the Xmas period. Please look at ECF/LMS/Dorset/Poole for detailed results, match […]

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