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Est. 1999

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Welcome to Poole Chess Club

This is the official website of Poole Chess Club which is located at the British Legion Club, 66 North Road, BH14 0LY. Tel: 01202 744515.

Club Night

We meet every Thursday night at 7.15, each week of the year at the British Legion Club including the summer months.  Poole Chess has a long history of league and competitive chess, and has a reputation as being a welcoming and friendly arena for all levels of chess players.

We have just completed our most successful season 2017/8 in the History of the club winning  5 Local and County competitions.

Bournemouth & District League Division 1 – Winners

Bournemouth & District League Division 3 – Winners

Bournemouth & District League Division 4 – Winners

Bournemouth & District League Handicap – Winners –

Dorset County League Division 3  – Winners

We are truly international and currently have six teams in the local league and two in the Dorset League.  For the current 18/19 season we have two teams the Bishops and Knights  in the newly formed Bacchus League which includes Juniors and players starting in competitive chess for the first time or returning from an absence, all players are welcome to play.

Afternoon Casual Chess

We meet every Wednesday at 2.30pm at Flirt Café (underneath Bournemouth Library in the Triangle in Bournemouth) to play fun and casual chess. This is a lively environment and has been established for over eight years as a central cafe for chess players of all standards.

Junior Chess

We encourage junior chess at the club and currently had added 4/5 Juniors from ages 11-16 to our Club. This season we are playing two teams in the newly formed Bacchus league (check out “Bacchus” page for details and results) and will try and field as many Juniors in these teams. We are directly responsible for teaching juniors at Bournemouth Library every Saturday morning from 10 to 12 noon.

How to Join

Or for Further information about Poole Chess Club contact:-

Graham Morris  mobile 07913988386


Facebook :- Poole Chess Club

Wider Area Chess

Check our regional chess website for more information www.dorsetchess.co.uk.


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Recent news

Poole Knights 4.5 – 1.5 Poole Bishops: The kids hog the limelight

January 17, 2019 by Tarik

7:15 and the scene is set at Poole. 4 Bournemouth B players, and 6 Poole Knights players. They looked at each other menacingly gearing up for a great fight. Then Poole D arrived to play Bournemouth B and Poole Bishops arrived to play Poole Knights. I’m sure you’ve all read the report of the 4 […]

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All Square

January 17, 2019 by Michael Rutter

with half the team unavailable for our game against Bournemouth B, we were likely to lose this match. But excellent work by Chris Ambrose and Kyrstoff filling in the gaps, meant that we kept getting offers of draws throughout the evening. Eventually every game ended in a draw and it was honours even. We were […]

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An interesting Candidate game to look at!

January 17, 2019 by Graham Morris

Event –  FIDE Candidates 2018 Berlin 2018.03.12 White “Aronian, Levon” Black “Kramnik, Vladimir” [Result  0-1 WhiteTitle “GM” BlackTitle “GM” WhiteElo “2794” BlackElo “2800”   Opening “Ruy Lopez” Variation “Berlin defence”    

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Levon Aronian [2794]


Vladimir Kramnik [2800]

David Paravyan [2630]


Saveliy Golubov [2470]

Sreeshwan, Maralakshikari [2244]


Ivanchuk, Vassily [2717]

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